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The different Winfotinto printing options:

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Dear friends, today we are going to deal with the different options allowed by Winfotinto when printing customer receipts, tags for items and adhesive labels.

To begin with, I’ll explain the different document formats printed by Winfotinto, so that we can see the possibilities of paper or media to use.

Customer receipt: It’s the ticket kept by the client. We speak of ticket to mean that it’s printed by roll-to-roll ticket printers, and it allows logo printing depending on the printer. It is the most common format used for individuals, and it is usually always printed. This document cannot be changed. In the event that you need a customized ticket, the customer collect sheet must be used, since it allows changes. The customer collect sheet may have the same format as the ticket, if desired.

receiptCustomer collect sheet: In the event that you don’t like working with a ticket format, you can work with this format which allows you to use preprinted paper with you data and logo, paper with multiple copies, different sizes, etc. For example it is usually used for hotels, restaurants, etc. We have several default formats you can try, to...

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How to control the home delivery service with Winfotinto

home delivery1) In the program, create a HOME service2) Create a Home Collection item and a Home Delivery item

3) Apply the price you charge for collection and delivery. If you do not charge for home services, leave the price at 0; if you charge different prices for each home service item, create the price for each different charged item. The usual procedure is to get a upcharge for collection or delivery. It is not very usual to have different prices for home collection or delivery items, even if we have some clients who do it.

4) When a client calls up or calls in for home collections, you create a delivery note including at least home delivery service if you have to collect the items and you don’t know the clothes to be collected; or you create a delivery note with home collection or delivery and the items the client tells you to collect. In selecting the home collection or home delivery item on the ticket, you can include the date and time of collection or delivery on the item.

5) You can print daily a list of outstanding items for collection from the HOME service, to see all the outstanding items for home collection or delivery. Notice that in order to...

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