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Winfotinto is already present at 25 countries, thank you.

Dear friends, we would like to celebrate that Winfotinto is already present at 25 countries. This week we have had our first customer from Australia.

Thanks to the confidence you are placing on us we can go on improving Winfotinto, so that little by little it can get to be the best program in the world for Dry Cleaners Management.

Our goal for 2010 is to be present at 100 countries. To be able to get to this number in such a short time, we are making a 50% special discount on Winfotinto’s retail price to the first customer from each country. For us, to get to a new country means to know its particularities, tax regulations, common work system,… In some countries we need to make specific adjustments for Winfotinto to meet the rules of the country or else we need to adapt to the common habits and customs. Once we get the first customer from a country, we can adapt Winfotinto to its needs, so that getting a second customer is much easier.

That’s the reason why we think that a 50% discount is a very interesting offer that can drive the person interested in it make the decision to buy Winfotinto and so allow us to have Winfotinto adjusted to meet more countries needs. For example, in Australia we have been asked to make Winfotinto invoice without the customer’s financial identification...

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Winfotinto will be at Hostelco trade fair (Barcelona, Spain)

expolimpExpolimp is a space within Hostelco of its own personality and entirely dedicated to the cleaning industry - equipment and products for dry cleaners and laundries, ironing, hygiene and cleaning in general.

It is taking place in Barcelona (Spain) in October 21 to 25, 2006.
Location: Montjuïc, Pabellón 7, Nivel 0, Calle A, Stand 106 (Pavilion 7, Level 0, Street A, Stand 106)

You will find us in the Barcelona Dry Cleaners and Laundries Trade Stand, where we will introduce you to Winfotinto 2.2. with all the news related to it, and you will be able to try on site the different accessories such as printers, cameras, wireless bar code readers, polyamide printer, tickets printer, SMS, etc.

If you still do not have Winfotinto, we are preparing an offer you won’t be able to resist. You will soon find out about it.

Interesting links on Expolimp:
How to get to, Travel and Bookings, Read more about Expolimp, Activities

We look forward to meeting all of you and to showing you the new functionality of Winfotinto, which we are certain you will like.


Pinfotinto, Winfotinto’s younger brother :

pinfotintoPinfotinto offers great help when working with Winfotinto.

Pinfotinto allows you to collect from any point and to synchronize collections with Winfotinto.

Thanks to Pinfotinto’s help, you can do home collections or avoid waiting for them at your premises by collecting items with the Palm, and centralizing all the information in the counter computer with Winfotinto.

Through Winfotinto you will be able to reprint, invoice and control the process to be performed with the items collected with Pinfotinto, and thus have centralized and automated information.

Pinfotinto works with many types of Palm and pocket PC.

Ask for a demo version to see Pinfotinto in action.

Please, see the demo video here.


Back from summer with our new Blog

blogDear friends,

We are making our blog’s debut because we would like to share with you information about Winfotinto and Pinfotinto, as well as everything related to computing and your Dry Cleaner’s and Laundry businesses.

The summer is almost through in this area and we felt like a last fresh swim.

In this blog we would like to publish information that is useful to you and that helps you with Winfotinto and Pinfotinto, our software for the industry.

We look forward to your comments. Please, tell us what you would like to read about, what topics you would like us to talk about, what are your needs, what you would like to comment on. We are interested in everything that comes to your head. We are here to listen to you and discuss with all of you everything related to computing and Dry Cleaner’s or Laundry.

Welcome, please participate and share with us your concerns and interests!