Winfotinto is already present at 25 countries, thank you.

Dear friends, we would like to celebrate that Winfotinto is already present at 25 countries. This week we have had our first customer from Australia.

Thanks to the confidence you are placing on us we can go on improving Winfotinto, so that little by little it can get to be the best program in the world for Dry Cleaners Management.

Our goal for 2010 is to be present at 100 countries. To be able to get to this number in such a short time, we are making a 50% special discount on Winfotinto’s retail price to the first customer from each country. For us, to get to a new country means to know its particularities, tax regulations, common work system,… In some countries we need to make specific adjustments for Winfotinto to meet the rules of the country or else we need to adapt to the common habits and customs. Once we get the first customer from a country, we can adapt Winfotinto to its needs, so that getting a second customer is much easier.

That’s the reason why we think that a 50% discount is a very interesting offer that can drive the person interested in it make the decision to buy Winfotinto and so allow us to have Winfotinto adjusted to meet more countries needs. For example, in Australia we have been asked to make Winfotinto invoice without the customer’s financial identification number or code, so we have added a new setting to the program for it to invoice without this number. So far, it does not seem to need more adjustments and our customer is already working at their store with Winfotinto only 2 days after buying the program.

Currently, there are Winfotintos in Spain, Portugal, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Oman, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Algeria and Andorra.

If you come from a country not listed above, and you want to help us enter your country and benefit from our 50% discount offer to the first customer from this country, please, send us an e-mail to with your contact data and telephone for us to be able to contact you and see whether we need to make any adjustments on Winfotinto or it suits you as it is.

There is a long way to make together and we think that everybody will benefit from Winfotinto’s presence in many countries. The more Winfotintos are in the world, the more news and improvements we will incorporate; as Winfotinto enters new markets, we will incorporate new needs to be used in other countries, so the program gets richer and current users can benefit from new options which did not exist before.

In 2007 we would like to enlarge our email support business hours and to this end we will hire one or two technicians working in countries with a +- 6 time zone difference from Spain. This will allow us to better cover international business hours, and thus be able to offer our service at different time zones. At the moment we are looking for people in South America with a good command of English as a second language to be able to address Spanish and Anglo-Saxon speaking people.

We look forward to your joining us in this exciting trip and to witnessing together how Winfotinto 3.0 improves your businesses management a great deal, with its help in daily management and making your businesses work better every day.


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