News on Winfotinto 2.1.8

winfotinto updatesVersion 2.1.8 9/29/06
> Items list on cashing up ticket
A new setting has been added on the general settings display, that will allow you to print a summary at the end of the cashing up list (zeta) of the items that have been collected during the day, indicating the quantity of each item and the total sum.

> New model of Pickup Sheet and Invoice
A new A4 size model of invoice has been created named Invoice NameEnvelope which is ready to be enclosed in window envelopes, so that the client data can fit the window. You will also be able to add your business logo on the invoice. To do it, you will have to prepare a 245×99 sized image, named InvoiceEnvelopePic1.gif and place it in the path C:\LGI\Winfotinto.
We have also created a new Pickup Sheet named PickupEnvelope, with the same features as the new Invoice. In this case, the image must be named PickupEnvelopePic1.gif.

> Increased Information on the Search for Collections
If you are looking up in Collections, press the Search button and search for a customer’s Collections; now the lines that have been totally or partially picked up on the customer’s Collections list will be in another color and will also display the pickup date.


  1. aries miguel said,

    June 4, 2007 @ 9:41 am

    buenas tardes señor;

    some of the customer are switch auotmaticaly to the old customer after the booking, the print out is different to the records we have in the system.

    the new ver.
    we cant open the cashdrawer without entering the opening amount unlike the old one we can open it without entering any amount

    aries miguel

  2. info said,

    June 8, 2007 @ 4:10 pm

    Hi Aries Miguel,

    Sent to us your database, I presume do you have problems in the structure of your database file, it’s the first time I have notice of this problem, try to compact the database.


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