New Version 2.1.9

winfotinto updates
Dear friends, we are writing to inform you about the new changes we
have implemented in Winfotinto.

Version 2.1.9 10/5/06
> Delete companies
A new form has been added in the Companies Menu
that allows to delete companies. You just need to select
the company on the list and press the Delete Company button.
This process is not reversible. You won’t be able to
delete the main company (company001) nor the company
currently opened.

> Restore any company with another one
From now on, you can restore a company with another one using the Restore Company option, without need for them to have the same number.
For example, if the company you have opened is the 002 one, now you can restore it with company 003, if you want to.

> Invoicing without the customer’s financial identification number
A new setting has been added on the
General settings list that will allow you to invoice without
needing to have the customer’s financial identification number included in
your customer’s register in order to invoice.

> Serial printer settings
We have added on the Printers Settings display the possibility
to set up the serial port settings, which by default will be
9600,n,8,1. Thus, you will be able to set up
printers with different settings.

> Number of hanger on polyamide labels
Now you can print the number of hanger on the items tickets, when they are
printed with a polyamide printer, such as the Zebra


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