How to control the home delivery service with Winfotinto

home delivery1) In the program, create a HOME service2) Create a Home Collection item and a Home Delivery item

3) Apply the price you charge for collection and delivery. If you do not charge for home services, leave the price at 0; if you charge different prices for each home service item, create the price for each different charged item. The usual procedure is to get a upcharge for collection or delivery. It is not very usual to have different prices for home collection or delivery items, even if we have some clients who do it.

4) When a client calls up or calls in for home collections, you create a delivery note including at least home delivery service if you have to collect the items and you don’t know the clothes to be collected; or you create a delivery note with home collection or delivery and the items the client tells you to collect. In selecting the home collection or home delivery item on the ticket, you can include the date and time of collection or delivery on the item.

5) You can print daily a list of outstanding items for collection from the HOME service, to see all the outstanding items for home collection or delivery. Notice that in order to do it, it is important to make the following distinction: if you have to collect the items, when you create the delivery note you have to include in the expected delivery date the date when you have to collect the items. In the event that you have to deliver, you have to include in the delivery date the date when you will have to deliver them. When you print the list, you will see on the one hand the items you have to collect and the ones you have to deliver, and so you will be able to give the list to the delivery man for him to know his route.

This is the system used with Winfotinto. We have other customers who use PINFOTINTO, WINFOTINTO’s younger brother, which allows you to automate the home delivery service. PINFOTINTO is a program you can run in a PALM or POCKET PC connected to a printer. It allows you to control this service easier and it spares you to introduce manually the delivery notes created by the delivery man. Additionally, it can be connected to a printer in case you want to give your client a ticket. PINFOTINTO allows you to collect at the client’s home, select the client from the database and introduce the items with its Notes and Payment data.

This same system can be used for the KEEPING CLOTHES Service, in which you offer to keep items between seasons, etc.

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