Winfotinto’s New Version 2.1.6

winfotinto updatesDear friends,

We are advancing the news on Version 2.1.6:

> Marketing
This Winfotinto version integrates the possibility to send text messages to customers’ mobile phones and e-mail or generate phone numbers lists for the IVM program. Different filters can be applied to select the customers we want to send messages to.

To use this new option we need to enter the Marketing option within the Queries menu. First, we need to select the type of forwarding we wish to perform (SMS, e-mail or IVM). Then, we need to select from the list the type of filter we want to apply. After selecting the filter we need to introduce the necessary data before applying it. For example, for the clients that do not bring items filter we have to indicate how long the clients have not brought items (number of days) Press the Apply filter button to display the clients you will send the messages to. In case you send them via SMS or e-mail, we have also a box to decide whether the forwarding will be only for clients with the SMS or email forwarding option enabled in their records.
Prepare the message to be sent according to the type of forwarding. In case the means is SMS, we need to write the message to be sent to the filtered clients taking into account the maximum length for messages allowed. At the bottom we have a list from which we can select the client’s different data to add to the message. For example, if we select Name from the list, the code %NAMEC% will be added to the message body. This text will be replaced by the client’s name when sending the message.
When sending e-mails, apart from the message body we will also be able to include a subject or title on the email. Here we will also have the client’s Add data option, which we can select from the list.
If you have selected the option IVM, press the button to generate a list of phone numbers that can be used in the UVM to make calls.

> Faster printing with polyamide printers
We have improved Winfotinto for faster printing of polyamide labels.

> New shortcut keys
New shortcut keys have been added to some options of the program. Press F4 in the
main menu to access the Finish items screen. Within the Add items at the collection
screen, by pressing the combination Shift+F8 we can deploy the Calendar to
select the Delivery date.

> Opening the cash register drawer
In the new version the cash register drawer can be opened without need to get any
payments. To do so, we need to enter the cash extras screen and press the keys combination Shift+F9.

> # hanger in items ticket with 2 printers
We have corrected it so that if we are using a band of hangers that we move manually and we have 2 tickets printers, the number of hanger gets printed on the items hangers.

> Default values in Finish items
On the Finish items screen there are three options for the process:
Print Receipt, Use bar code reader and Finish complete collections. In the new version, the values selected in the previous Finish items will be kept, so it won’t be necessary
to select them again.
For example, if we always wish to use the bar code reader we just have to select this
option the first time, and the following times that we enter the screen the option will already be enabled.
We hope you enjoy these changes.

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