Back from summer with our new Blog

blogDear friends,

We are making our blog’s debut because we would like to share with you information about Winfotinto and Pinfotinto, as well as everything related to computing and your Dry Cleaner’s and Laundry businesses.

The summer is almost through in this area and we felt like a last fresh swim.

In this blog we would like to publish information that is useful to you and that helps you with Winfotinto and Pinfotinto, our software for the industry.

We look forward to your comments. Please, tell us what you would like to read about, what topics you would like us to talk about, what are your needs, what you would like to comment on. We are interested in everything that comes to your head. We are here to listen to you and discuss with all of you everything related to computing and Dry Cleaner’s or Laundry.

Welcome, please participate and share with us your concerns and interests!

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