Move forward from your competitors with SMSs

mobile phoneStep forward now and leave your competitors behind.

If you want to know how to increase your sales and customers’ loyalty, start today and in the following six months you will be getting the results.

Take actions now and be one of 5% Dry Cleaner’s to move forward in the market.

In 2006 this is no news, but still, you will get many profits…

Today’s world is in ongoing evolution, and in this context mobile phones have started playing a very important role. Firms are starting to get this new marketing tool that cannot compare to any previous one, because it gives a range of possibilities both in your communication and interaction with customers, that would have been unthinkable before.

When you use SMS in your business, you will be able to warn your customers when you have their items ready; they will come to fetch them before; you will be able to get paid in advance for our services; you can remind them they have items in your store when they forget about them; you can congratulate them on their birthday; you can
communicate offers, season changes, warn them that they owe you money, offer advice and any other thing that you can think of, such as timetable changes, holidays, and plenty of options we are getting ready to help you improve your business.

To send SMS with Winfotinto, you need to hire with a supplier the gateway that allows Winfotinto to deliver the messages to someone who is in charge of sending them to your customers.

Any supplier who accepts your sending him a message to the email address X, in which the receiver’s phone number appears on the subject and the body includes the message you wish to send to your customer is suitable for use with Winfotinto. This type of gateway is usually called email SMS.

For you to be able to start RIGHT AWAY, and be spared looking for a supplier, we have reached an agreement with for you to get a lower price both for registering in this service and for the SMS packets you buy, so you can forget about this issue.

Infoavisos is an established firm in the computing industry belonging to the Intercom Group, which has developed and among others.

The price is EUR0.10 for message if you buy the 1,000 messages packet or EUR0.09 if we buy the 2,000 messages packet.

So, for EUR100 or EUR180 depending on the packet, you can start your first SMS campaign. Once you have run the database cleaning, you will know how many of your customers have a mobile phone and among other things this will help you opt for one packet or another. We recommend buying directly the 2,000 messages packet, because otherwise the test is very limited.

Starting to use SMSs in your business if you already have Winfotinto will only mean an inversion of EUR100. Are you going to miss this opportunity for so little?

To be able to rightly assess the impact of SMSs on your business, you need about 3 months. Integrate the warning in finishing items and send some promotional messages to about 500 customers at least.

Even if with your first forwarding you start getting good response and day-to-day use gives you multiple examples of the benefits which this technology involves, you will have to learn how to use it and customize it to your preferences. You will realize that as time goes by you will be profiling the messages for them to be more and more effective.
Some comments from dry cleaner’s using SMSs:

I’ve tried massive SMSs and after over a month sending them the experience is VERY satisfying. The modernity and service image transmitted by this service is very pleasing and welcomed by users.

I can tell you the results for using this system are good, since for example the customer feels important when you send them a message about their items. They usually come immediately to pick them up and you get a very modern image, you know - new technologies; as regards advertising, you prepare the SMSs’ forwarding in 10 minutes with an advertising message to all your clients. I use this system and I am very pleased with it.

Now, with version 2.1.3 you can set the SMS automatic pilot to start using this option right away.

To begin, we have enabled an option that reviews you current customer database, in the event that you have entered mobile phone numbers in the “normal telephone” field, instead of doing it in the specialized field for mobile phone numbers. It automatically activates the field “Send text messages” and the program prepares your database for you to start sending messages. At the end of this process, the program shows you how many mobiles telephone numbers you have in the database, and then you know how many messages to send in the first massive forwarding to your customers.
To make easier the work of improving the database and capturing mobile phone numbers from new customers coming to bring their items, we have enabled a new General parameter called Capture SMS at pickup. When you enable it, the program asks your customer’s mobile phone number every time you collect items if you still do not have it. This option is very useful because in a few months you can end up having most customers’ phone mobile numbers and you will be able to communicate directly with them at a much lower cost than that of any other kind of advertising.

Once your database is ready, you need to set up Winfotinto for it to know how to communicate with your supplier; it is very simple, just introduce 4 basic data such as the e-mail address that Winfotinto will use to send the messages and your supplier’s e-mail address. There is a message test button in the SMS set up screen that allows you to enter your mobile phone number and receive messages when you press Try a TEST message, which enables you to ensure everything is properly set up. Then you still need to set up the message you want to send to your customer when their items are ready.

Example: Dear Marthe, we already have your jacket ready for pickup. Have a nice day, Dry Cleaner’s XXXXX.

Once Winfotinto knows how to send messages to your supplier, you can start testing them. I would start testing the Finish items option. This option informs Winfotinto which process the item is in, and if you tell it the item is completed and you have your customer’s mobile telephone number and the option Send SMSs is enabled, your customer will automatically be sent a warning with the text you have defined when setting up the automatic warning in finishing the items.

Winfotinto’s Polyamide label - Using the Finish items option is usually linked to the packaging process. To simplify and automate it, we recommend using the bar codes and the packaging label print, but we will talk about this issue another day.

You still have to test the massive forwarding, which allows you to use different filters, for example customers from a specific area, customers who owe money, customers who have not come to fetch the items since X, customers who have not come since X.

We recommend trying to introduce values in the different options and see the amount of customers warned.

Do not complete the message until you are sure about what you are doing.

We recommend you to ask any question you may have and to contact us for help when implementing these options in your business.


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