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Back from summer with our new Blog

blogDear friends,

We are making our blog’s debut because we would like to share with you information about Winfotinto and Pinfotinto, as well as everything related to computing and your Dry Cleaner’s and Laundry businesses.

The summer is almost through in this area and we felt like a last fresh swim.

In this blog we would like to publish information that is useful to you and that helps you with Winfotinto and Pinfotinto, our software for the industry.

We look forward to your comments. Please, tell us what you would like to read about, what topics you would like us to talk about, what are your needs, what you would like to comment on. We are interested in everything that comes to your head. We are here to listen to you and discuss with all of you everything related to computing and Dry Cleaner’s or Laundry.

Welcome, please participate and share with us your concerns and interests!


Move forward from your competitors with SMSs

mobile phoneStep forward now and leave your competitors behind.

If you want to know how to increase your sales and customers’ loyalty, start today and in the following six months you will be getting the results.

Take actions now and be one of 5% Dry Cleaner’s to move forward in the market.

In 2006 this is no news, but still, you will get many profits…

Today’s world is in ongoing evolution, and in this context mobile phones have started playing a very important role. Firms are starting to get this new marketing tool that cannot compare to any previous one, because it gives a range of possibilities both in your communication and interaction with customers, that would have been unthinkable before.

When you use SMS in your business, you will be able to warn your customers when you have their items ready; they will come to fetch them before; you will be able to get paid in advance for our services; you can remind them they have items in your store when they forget about them; you can congratulate them on their birthday; you can
communicate offers, season changes, warn them that they owe you money, offer advice and any other thing that you can think of, such as timetable changes, holidays, and plenty of options we are getting ready to help you improve your business.

To send...

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Take photographs with Winfotinto

photoWinfotinto integrates the ability to take photos of clients, items, pick-ups, etc. To do it, you just need a webcam or camera connected to your computer. Any commercially available EUR 20 webcam will do. This option opens a range of possibilities that will allow you to differentiate from your competitors.

Capture photos of defects and stains on the items: If the item brought by the client has any tear, missing button, etc. you can take a picture of it for evidence that the defect was there before the item was processed.

You will be able to take as many photographs of an item as necessary and you will know the date in which you took them. In this way, you will be able to reduce quarrels with clients by bringing up strong evidence.

winfotintoTake photos in pick-ups and deliveries: When a customer comes to pick up the items and has forgotten the ticket, just take a picture. Instead of getting its signature and telephone number, taking a photo is a safer and faster way to prevent possible problems with customers.

Take photos when registering new customers: When registering a new customer, you will have the option to take a photograph of him or her. Then, when looking up later on...

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Pomming, a new advertising system…

pommingIt’s eight thirty pm. They are knocking on the door… “Who must this be? I’m not expecting anyone”. You look through the peephole and find a friendly pizza delivery man showing you the house super special with double cheese. “But, I didn’t order anything…”. You open the door to try and clear this misunderstanding, but there is nobody…

How strange! When closing the door, a little carton with a strange shape falls down. It’s the advertisement of a home delivery pizza service. When turning it over, you see the same boy knocking on the door, but as a miniature.

In short, we have been deceived by an optical illusion and by the creative people who have designed this great direct marketing campaign for a pizzeria in Peru. I guess we will soon see it here.

It is another example of how to innovate in our industry. I don’t think we will soon see a similar campaign applied to Dry Cleaner’s or Laundry, but we could start considering new things like this one.

Another advertising system that works well and is being used in more and more countries is Pomming. It’s a practice that consists in hanging advertisements individually (and if possible with shapes), from each home’s door knob. The purpose is to attract the customer’s attention to their own...

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